We would like to take out the time to thank you for your generosity to the work of the Lord. Your seed of love is transforming the lives of many globally. Your support makes it possible for Tholoim to do the will of God.  Bringing Hope, Love, Joy, peace, prosperity wherever the Word of truth is ministered. 


There is so much going in the world today.  Economically, politically, mentally, health crisis, hardships & more. By your support families will be greatly impacted all over the world.   We believe in the God of miracles. God is still speaking today!  


Join us in sharing the Word of truth. Testifying God’s goodness & what His sacrifice has done on cavalry.  Still to this day Vessels are transformed.  Let’s make a difference together.  Tholom ministries sharing His Love.  Changing the lives of many to achieve God’s desires for everyone by grace through Jesus Christ.


Jeffrey & Shaunte Pittman,